Gorilla Animal Rights Activists

What is wrong with “animal rights activists” ???

Written by Editor in Chief Jens Ulrik Høgh

A few days ago a Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo had to be shot to protect a 4-year old child who fell into the enclosure with the gorillas. A very unfortunate event indeed. But the social media reactions are moronic. Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions in protest of the killing of the gorilla that attacked the child…. WHAT THE FORK????

The alternative to lethal force against this particular animal in that particularsituation was death or serious injuries of a CHILD. Not a poacher, a drunk, a suicidal maniac or a smart a*s showing off, but a regular 4-year old child. How can anybody in their right mind want to sacrifice a child to save a gorilla in a zoo? Would they feel the same if is was their own child, their sibling or themselves???

And why is this relevant to hunters? Simply because animal rights extremism is spreading like wildfire among urbanized people in the Western World. It’s getting in the way of rational nature management and therefore it’s a huge threat to effective nature conservation all over the world.

The person who shot this gorilla didn’t have a hard decision to make and the response to the situation was 100% correct. It is really too bad that a gorilla had to die due to inefficient security measures and a lapse in parental supervision. Sh*t happens. Luckily the child survived without serious injuries.

Well done response team!

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