Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L

A new technological milestone

Swarovski dS 5-25x52 P L

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L

Swarovski’s new rifle scope with laser range finding, ballistic computer and automatic adjustment of the aiming point is by far the most advanced sight for long range hunting the world have ever seen…

By Jens Ulrik Høgh

This is the scope that turned all the heads at the IWA show in Nuremberg. March 3rd 2017 will henceforth be known as a day the world of optics took a great leap into a high-tech future that used to belong in science fiction.

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L is without comparison the most advanced riflescope in serial production ever. It is also an extremely specialized hunting tool created for a relatively small target group of long-range hunters. In its present configuration, it is far from an all-round solution – but that is a role it was never intended to fill.

The scope is “big news” in more than one sense of the word. At 16 inches long and weighing almost two and a half pounds the scope definitely leaves an impression on top of any rifle. Never the less the design is harmonic, powerful and pretty sleek. Like an Italian super car on top of a rifle!

Technological bonanza

The maker describes the new Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L as the ultimate tool for ”long range hunting”. It could be stalking in mountains or on open plains where the game population must be managed in spite of the fact that it is almost impossible to stalk within normal shooting distance.

The adaption to this particular niche is obvious. 5-25x zoom brings the shooter close to even the farthest targets that he can hope to be able to hit under the given circumstances. A powerful and accurate laser range finder in combination with on-board sensors measuring shooting angle, temperature and air pressure feeds the ballistic computer with high-quality data. Through a Bluetooth connection with the shooters smartphone the unit is calibrated for the load used. The exact aiming point is calculated and physically moved to the correct position in the reticle as the distance to the target is measured. The shooter is set to go in 0.7 seconds after pressing the button.

In comparison to using a separate range finder and work the turrets of the scope, this solution is much faster, more accurate and much more dependable. The room for human error is dramatically reduced and the accuracy of the measurement is improved – especially on the very long ranges – as it is far simpler to hold this unit steady than a regular handheld device.

If the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L is fed the right data on the load used the shooter will not have to do anything else than measure and shoot. Imagine a Scottish stalker who is supposed to fill a quota of hinds and calves during the cull hunts of the winter. He finds a good spot on a hilltop, points at the first target, measures, shoots and observes. If he sees a good hit, he moves on to the next target and is ready to shoot at a completely different distance in less than a second. Boom, boom, boom, boom…..

The benefits of this sight is however far from limited to the professional hunter. The growing interest for challenging mountain hunts with relatively few but long range shooting opportunities will surely boost the sales of this product. Not because of its ability to fire many fast shots at different distances but because it is able to set the hunter up for what might be the only chance he gets to place an accurate first shot at a great distance. What is it worth not to miss the Marco Polo in Kyrgyzstan? Definitely more than the price tag on this scope!


Although many might think that technology this advanced takes the challenge out of the hunt the shooter still needs to be a very good shot to actually hit the target at very long range. This scope will show the hunter exactly where to aim, but it cannot shoot and hit for him as well. A trip to the nearest 500-yard range will quickly get the hunter who imagines that a handsome investment in equipment is the only obstacle between him and infinite range back to reality….

Nobody dodges the wind and its devastating effect on the hunter’s accuracy on long ranges. No present technology can measure the wind along the flightpath of the bullet. The shooter himself can make an educated guess and based on that input the new scope can show him how much he needs to hold into the wind at the shooting distance, which is a great help never offered by a sight before. Few hunters tend to now the wind deflection charts of their loads by heart. I know I don’t….

Battery life and light transmission are two other points to consider. The latter is at 83% far behind the transmission of conventional all round scopes of the same magnitude. That is the inevitable consequence of loads of extra electronic and mechanical components within the tube. It is not however a problem since the scope is specifically developed for types of hunting that practically always takes place in good daylight. The life span of the battery is according to the manufacturer 500 measurements. That should cover a few hunting trips, but as the function of the unit is completely dependent on power it is probably advisable to bring extras as a matter of routine. One thing worth noting is the minimum operating temperature at  -10 °C / +14 °F. It is not THAT cold, so winter hunts might be limited a bit.

We can’t wait to play around with this marvel of technology in real life and get back to you with a field test. It hits the stores of Europe in July. The price tag will be around 3,800 €. That is about 4,000 $ but you do not have to worry about that in North America since the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L is not going to be available in the US and Canada any time soon (if ever)…. Probably due to legal reasons.



Technical Data
Magnification 5-25
Effective objective lens diameter (mm) 48-52
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 9.6-2.1
Exit pupil distance (mm) (Eye relief) 95
Field of view (ft/100 yds / m/100 m) 21.9-4.5 / 7.3-1.5
Field of view (degrees) 4.2-0.84
Field of view, apparent (degrees) 21.5
Dioptric compensation (dpt) -3 to +2
Light transmission (%) 83
Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1 16.1-36.0
Impact point corr. per click (in/100 yds / mm/100 m) 0.25 / 7
Max. elevation / windage adjustment range (in/100 yds / m/100 m) 43/25 / 1.2/0.7
Parallax correction (yds / m) 55-∞ / 50-∞
Objective filter thread M 63×0.75


Length (in / mm) 15.87 / 403
Weight (oz / g) 38.4 / 1090
Central tube diameter (mm) 40
Functional temperature +14 °F to +131 °F (-10 °C / +55 °C)
Storage temperature -22 °F to +158 °F (-30 °C / +70 °C)
Submersion tightness 13 ft / 4 m water depth (inert gas filling)


Illumination unit
Brightness levels 64
Operating time 500x
Display LCoS monochrome
Measurement range (yds/m) 33-1500/30-1375
Measurement precision (yds/m) +/- 1/1
Angle measurement (degrees) +/- 60
Max. aiming point correction (yds/m) 1120/1024
Add-on program (App) dS Configurator
Operating system iOS from Version 8.1, Android from Version 4.4 KitKat
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  1. George Devlon says:

    Does this scope really exist?….There are no current reviews of this scope. There are plenty people selling them but no one has ever sold one. Come on Swarovski own up whats wrong?

  2. Carlos says:

    What is the maximum range of the lazer?
    I’m shoting long range 1.5 km
    This scope have the ability to setup on target?
    Thank you


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