The worthless life of a chicken ….


By Jens Ulrik Høgh

A few months ago there was a another big anti-hunting shit storm in Scandinavia. Members of the Royal Danish family appeared on photos paying their respect to game killed on a driven hunt. People found it disgusting that the crown prince is a hunter. They were shocked that the hunters looked happy after the hunt. They found it ridiculous to line up the dead animals and salute them according to our traditions.  Apparently it was especially appalling that the children of the prince were allowed to participate in the ceremony. Hunters were repeatedly told that the ancient European hunting tradition of honoring the game after the hunt is unnecessary, outdated, barbaric and disrespectful.

Yesterday I went to our local supermarket to buy groceries. Dead animals were lined up in rows in the fridges. Hundreds of dead animals. They sold a whole chicken for 2 €. That includes VAT, supermarket profits, the cost of slaughtering, packaging and transporting the chicken and of course the cost of raising the animal from egg to sub-adult ready for human consumption. On an average Scandinavian salary a person has to work less than 10 minutes to earn enough money to pay that.

I do not think you have to be a rocket scientist to imagine the 2 € life of a chicken. You probably don’t want to think about it, but we all know that deep down everybody knows what kind of life that chicken had. Yet there were lots of happy families with kids filling up their shopping carts with cheap meat for their Saturday dinner. 2 € for a chicken. Hooray! Denial is a powerful mechanism. Nobody in the supermarket stopped to reflect for a few seconds over the life they took when they paid for those chickens. Nobody considered buying a more expensive chicken simply because it had a better life. Meat is meat… right?

Hunters will continue to pay our respect to the animals we kill. We will do it in the woods, in the butchering shed, at the dinner table and on our walls as all hunters all over the world have always done it. We will do it in public as we have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to hide. We will never apologize for that…