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British hunting and conservation Hunting does not only lead to nature conservation in Africa. Selena Barr lists four very real and very current examples from Great Britain…. By Selena Barr – Photography credit: Tweed Media Trophy hunting is currently the subject of intense debate worldwide. It may be a bitter pill for some to swallow […]

From the history of hunting

A bloody battle with Russian wolves In 2011 a so-called “super pack” of allegedly 400 wolves besieged the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk killing dozens of horses and thousands of reindeer. Many a self-pronounced “wolf expert” have since questioned the very existence of “super packs”, dismissing the phenomenon as a myth, but there is many written […]

Field test

Norma ECOSTRIKE Norma’s lead-free copper bullet has been on the market for more than a year. I have had plenty of opportunity to test it in real life…. Here is my conclusion. By Jens Ulrik Høgh There is plenty of expanding monolithic copper bullet designs to go around. The ECOSTRIKE from Norma is one of […]

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L A new technological milestone Swarovski’s new rifle scope with laser range finding, ballistic computer and automatic adjustment of the aiming point is by far the most advanced sight for long range hunting the world have ever seen… By Jens Ulrik Høgh This is the scope that turned all the heads […]

Breaking news: Zeiss Conquest V6

Breaking news  – Zeiss Conquest V6 Premium scopes at medium prices?! On the IWA show in Nuremberg starting the 3rd of March 2017 Zeiss will launch its brand new series of rifle scopes. The Zeiss Conquest V6 scope family consists of three scopes to begin with. All of them with a 6x zoom-range. By Jens […]

Consequences of modern hunting. Example #002: American bison

The American bison was saved by hunters It was solely due to the tireless efforts of dedicated recreational hunters that the American bison was saved from going extinct…. By Jens Ulrik Høgh In just a few decades the endless herds of American bison was reduced to almost nothing by relentless commercial hunting. Between 1840 and […]

A video you must see….

Life returns to Save Valley… In Southern Zimbabwe private landowners in Save Valley have created a fantastic nature reserve in spite of decades of a hostile political climate. In 2016 they experienced a devastating drought. The situation was extreme and they were forced to feed the game hundreds of tons of hey to save years […]

Fieldtesting the Aimpoint Micro S1

Aimpoint Micro S1 We have fieldtested the new Aimpoint Micro S1 shotgun sight on a duck hunt…. By Jens Ulrik Høgh The new Aimpoint Micro S1 sight will divide the hunters in two camps. Many experienced shotgun shooters and makers will undoubtedly be mildly offended by the mere thought of an optical red dot sight […]


The worthless life of a chicken …. By Jens Ulrik Høgh A few months ago there was a another big anti-hunting shit storm in Scandinavia. Members of the Royal Danish family appeared on photos paying their respect to game killed on a driven hunt. People found it disgusting that the crown prince is a hunter. […]

Hunting is animal friendly

Hunting is animal friendly! By Jens Ulrik Høgh In October 2011 the German members of Greenpeace could read an eye-opening editorial in their members magazine claiming that hunting is animal friendly with the headline “Fair, free and healthy”. The editor, Jens Lubbadeh, clearly summed up his standpoint from the start: “Do you want to eat […]