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Welcome to the free online magazine Hunter at Heart. The name says it all. Our magazine is all about our passion for the hunt. Hunter at Heart is written by hunters for hunters with a passion for hunting adventures all over the world. The magazine is filled with exciting stories and technical articles on guns and equipment. Furthermore, we focus especially on the widespread nature conservation efforts of the hunting community. As a free online media reaching hunters all over the planet, we feel obliged to help spread the knowledge and the passion that will enable future generations of hunters to enjoy the outdoors as we do.

Our magazine is free now and it will be free forever. The publication is entirely financed by advertisements. You do not need to register to read it – you’re absolutely free to visit and read articles whenever you feel like it. If you want to, you are welcome to sign up for our free newsletters – if you do, we will email you whenever we publish new magazines and articles. We are looking forward to informing and entertaining hunters all over the world. We would very much appreciate it if you could help us spread the word and tell your friends about this great new free online magazine. Share our links on social media; discuss our content with hunters and non-hunters alike. Thank you.

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Meet the team

Martin Bertilsson

Social Media editor and head of sales
E-Mail: martin.bertilsson@hunter-at-heart.com


A real Hunter at Heart! Martin has been hunting since he was 10 years old when he shot his first duck with a special Beretta made to fit a very small guy. Has since been hunting all over Sweden and also in several other countries e.g. three times in Africa.

Jens Ulrik Høgh

Editor in chief
E-Mail: juh@hunter-at-heart.com


No doubt about it – Jens knows what he is talking about. Hunting and journalism is a way of life for him. When he is not working in the field, you will find him testing equipment, researching theory on weapons and ammunition and writing articles about it all.